29 December 2009

Termites Invasion

It has been a long time since I posted here... not that I don't go out birding. Just that my house have been invaded by termites.. So all my free time at home was spent hunting and eradicating this termites. So no time to do all the post processing at home, until all my CF cards are full.. and my HD full also...

Apart from moving my furniture around the room and brushing poison on the walls and furniture, i collect some and make an enclosure from a piece of plexiglass. From info from the internet. I put in a dampened termite infested particle board in it. However, because of high humidity,water droplets forms on the plexiglass making my attempt to take a picture harder.


The all whites are the workers..

Below are full frame picture of the soldiers, I dont know weather it is considered a 1:1 macro shot of not, the termites are 3-4mm in length.. The black bottom is because the light from the inbuilt flash was blocked by the lens combo. I just use a namecard as a diffuser to correct that.. hehe

well,watching this termites is a load of fun... more than rearing fish. can watch them eat wood, cleaning each other, creating tunnel and so on..

no food needed, just add water..

the hard part is keeping them in...after much trial and error, i got the ecologicaly friendly way..and thats my secret..

Is it only me,
mad enough too keep this pest?