25 February 2009

Beberek Leher Biru

Jika saya kata saya ambil gambar ini belakang rumah saya percaya tak? Tak saya tak tipu... tapi ni bukan belakang rumah saya,tapi di kawasan perumahan. Ada kawasan bangunan tinggal yang telah naik pokok -pokok tinggi yang didiami oleh pendatang haram. Itu kadang takut juga nak pergi sana. bukan takut ular atau binatang berbisa.. takut pendatang datang marahkan kita kerana takut gambar mereka masuk suratkhabar gamaknya..

Burung Beberek Leher Biru baru mendarat di dahan. Ekor belakang kembang bertindak sebagai brek udara.

Dengan tangkapan.

Beberek makan serangga terbang seperti tebuan, lebah, kumbang, pepatung dan lain-lain serangga terbang. Ya, ia menangkap serangga itu semasa serangga itu sedang terbang..

Pandangan dari belakang.

Burung Beberek Leher Biru berhijrah dari negara utara ke Semenanjung Malaysia untuk membiak dari Bulai April ke September. Bila spesies burung ini pergi, burung Beberek Ekor Biru pula akan mengantikan tempatnya..

Akhir sekali, satu pose istimewa.

Mungkin kalau kita tanam pokok2 dengan banyak di kawasan perumahan kita, mungkin burung yang cantik ini akan memilih tempat kita untuk membuat sarang dan membiak

Beberek Leher Biru
Blue-throated Bee-eater
Merops viridis

24 February 2009

Its the second season now..

The first time I saw this bird, was in Mac 2008. That is when I walk in the park actually searching for birds, I was carrying my point and shoot camera at that time. A Kodak 12x zoom camera, which equals 420mm in 35mm terms.

This is the pic i shot, cropped of coz

shot against the blue sky without flash. Click for larger pic

other birds that I shot that day were, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Asian Glossy Starling, Black-naped Orioles, Oriental Magpie Robins and the Common Myna. I guess I can call them lifers because at that time I didnt know what is their names and how to identify them.

by April, I cannot see them anymore..

in May, getting my DSLR a canon 350D with lens an old nikon 300mm F4.5 prime(why? becoz its dirt cheap, bought for RM600)

Now that I got the equipment,now where is this Blue Tailed Beeeater.

not until October, when I started to see them..first are the sub adult (havent had the distictive long tail, and less vibrant colors. They tend to look like the Blue-throated Beeeaters.

later in Dec 08, started to see the fully adults, with the yellow, orange, green to blue colours.

Spend some time and I notice they always perch on the same branch after chasing bugs..

Here is a pair, with one stretching its wings

Beberek Ekor Biru(Malay)
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
Merops philippinus

Never get bored shooting them when have the chance.. So beautiful, so available

23 February 2009

Heronry in Yong Peng

During my trip down south, when I passed by Yong Peng,
saw a dataran. just wanna have a look

some view of the "dataran".

but what interest me more when spending some time there, is the squaking of the birds on the mangroves at the far end of the parking lot. There is a heronry, a place where herons breeds and raise their young. Not more than 50 meters from the parking lot.

here is some uncropped picture from my 300mm+1.4x lens. and taken from the car parked in the parking lot. Can see the purple herons and night herons rearing their youngs there.
Hmm been thinking, if majlis daerah yong peng decides to expand the parking lot, sure the herons lost their heronry which from some sources in the net says was there for more than 20 years.

A good chance for birders to observe these birds.
So when passed by Yong Peng, buy a drink and stop to see the herons.

Should have the gps coordinates, but my netbook went kaput along with the original jpegs of the above pics.

Direction from NSE Yong Peng Toll:
From toll turn left, pass by expensive RnR favored by bus driver on left. Go straight toward Yong Peng town. Just before town area, watchout for 'Dataran' on right. It is after crossing the river.

19 February 2009

Tiger Shrike

Actually I have been waiting to post this entry with a clear picture of the adult tiger shrike, but I guess they are hard to get. very shy... the only glimpse of the adult is this pic..

but I lucky to get the juveniles...:D

this one is at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam

this is at Taman Hutan Bukit SUK, Shah Alam

but I must get the adult... patience! patience!

Tiger Shrike
Tirjup Harimau(Malay)
Lanius tigrinus

16 February 2009

Prince of Darkness

I'm refering to this picture of the Greater Coucal

bringing some sort of fantasies..watching too much comics maybe.. but the long tail of the coucal being spread does look like a cape.

This is after rain, the coucal spreading its feathers to dry out.

There are quite a few times I found this species perching on top of bushes. A great photo oppurtinity..
Bubut Besar @ Greater Coucal

11 February 2009

Birding in Tg Pengelih

tg pengelih

A view from Tg pengelih, the southern most point of east peninsular malaysia. (Pontian is on the west side, southern most point of asia continent)

Take time off during CNY holidays to travel there. Still have time for some birding. Guess what kind of bird I found.

Takur Kukup @ Lineated Barbet

Should be a Lineated Barbet or Takur Kukup in Malay, A lifer for me.. to bad its too far..on the mangroves. A lifer would aways be too far, so still take a record shot to confirm its ID

and quite nice shot of this, but seems dull a bit off since PP on my laptop.

Pekaka Bakau @ Collared Kingfisher

Collared Kingfisher
Pekaka Bakau (Malay)
Halcyon chloris

Anywhere travel always search for birdies.. hhehe.. dont left your camera at home.

07 February 2009

I like their eyes

I can safely say, the more you see them, the more you learn about them..

Some times, I see the common waterhen, where the face are dirtier, I tought it was from digging the mud somewhere. Later I learn they are the juvenile or immature birds.

Ruak-Ruak @ White-breasted Waterhen

They have lovely black eyes, dont they?

The juvenile birds are more bolder and easier to shoot(by camera of coz) than the adult, which tend to be more cautious..

Ruak-Ruak @ White-breasted Waterhen

An adult by the water edge.

I had to stay very still behind some reeds to get this..