22 May 2009

Want to see ghost?

There are a malay saying if you want to see ghost, or you want to confirm a person is really a human or a ghost, you have to bend down and see thru your legs.

here are a tip which I have translated to english.

Find a house which at the back of the house have running water (for example running water from a water faucet). Right at 12 midnight, go to the back at the house, take off all you clothes. Stark naked, stand with the running water between your legs, bow and see backward and upside down thru your legs.

If God permits, you will see all kinds of ghost, demons and genie, albeit upside-down.

Disclaimer: This is only an info, any circumstances that happen after using this info is fully the user responsibility.

No, I dared not do it, but this Yellow-vented bulbul does.. :D

21 May 2009

Flying Little Egrets

Just a collection of flying little egrets shoot in 2008

27/12/2008, shot with the golden afternoon sunlight

25/11/2008, against the not so blue sky..hehehe

shooting thru the fences at the oxidation pond, may get the green fences blurring the view. This is one of the clear ones.

Bangau Kecil
Little Egret
Egretta garzetta

13 May 2009

The baya weaver at my patch

After reading Tabibs blog on the baya weaver, I decided to have a check at last year's baya weaver nesting site. Sure enough, they are building their nest at the same tree.. also have a look at another site at Bukit SUK, also at the same tree

anyway, here is a picture of a male baya weaver..

hanging out at the still unfinished nest.

managed to catch the male during take off..

this is on 30th April 2009, will continue visiting them..

08 May 2009

Catching the wave

The National Botanic Garden at Shah Alam or I fondly called Bukit Cerakah is one of my frequently visited places for birding. Altough there are free bus services inside, I normally just take a walk alone in various trek from the entrance.

In this particular day, I just walk through the paddy fields.

Here can see few species of munia such as white-headed, scaly-breasted and white-rumped. Also the normal javan myna. The waterhen are here but quite shy. Since this day is almost noon, no luck..

then moving on to the cocoa/oil-palm area, trying to spot the red eyed bulbul. no luck here either.

so went on to the danau perikanan, walk up to the water tunnel.. there are fences bordering the park, I notice some indon family fishing.. I wonder did they pay to get in or any other means..broke the fence??

anyway... shoot this in the water tunnel. Hirundo tahitica... nice scientific name.. stuck in my head.. remind me of hula hula hawaian.. :)

Twin shadow
Pacific Swallow
Layang-layang Pasifik
Hirundo tahitica

coming out of the tunnel, I notice the fishing indon family wasnt there anymore.. split already.. notice broken fences in the tunnel, there must be somemore broken fences.. went to the other sides of the lake..

Suddenly there are some commotion in the canopy.. Aha! a bird wave...led by

Rembah Kayu Besar @ Large Wood-shrike
Rembah Kayu Besar
Large Wood-shrike
Tephrodornis gularis

there are some other bird I cant identify, notice some species of woodpecker though.. being in the high canopy, just took some record shots.. the wood shrike a quite tough to id.. being bird pic to small..

then the birds went to the taman haiwan area with me following. No I'm not running, just walk.. at top of the hill, the leaf bird are low enough to shoot.

Daun Sayap Biru @ Blue-winged Leafbird

Daun Sayap Biru
Blue-winged Leafbird
Chloropsis cochinchinensis

Daun Sayap Biru @ Blue-winged Leafbird

my futile attempt shooting bird in flight.. the female leafbird to blur to shown here..

after that I just walk back to the entrance.. Birding, just another reason to walk..

07 May 2009

Look first dont run

Heeeeea heeea heea.. bunyi macam tangisan.. tapi dalam hutan gelap. Adakah anda kemas barang anda dan balik.. tak! sepatutnya pergi cari punca bunyi tu...

Bunyi tu datang dari burung ini.. burung Cenuk Kerak. Ia bergerak menyusuri dahan. dicelah-celah daun2. kalau dari jauh nampak seolah-oleh daun bergerak2 sendiri. Bila perhati muncul pula mata dan paruh berwarna biru muda kehijau - hijauan.

Ini ialah burung jantan.. kepala berwarna cokelat.

burung betina pula berkepala putih.

Cenuk Kerak
Raffles's Malkoha
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus

Antara burung yang terdapat di Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah

06 May 2009

I almost miss it..

One day in February 2009, I was driving one afternoon at my usual birding spot afterwork. As usual my eyes scanning the grasses and trees for birds. There is one rock that seem out of place in the grass. "Funny looking rock", I said to my self. When I turn the corner, at the second glance, "Hey, the rock moved"..and I drive closer..

"Aha, it,s a bird" when I looked through my camera lens.. managed to get a few shot from car.

Berkek Berbintik @ Pintail Snipe

Berkek Berbintik
Pintail Snipe
Gallinago stenura

should be a migrant, this is the only time I saw it at that area.