31 July 2009

200mm will do

The Painted Stork is such a big bird that i'm able shooting them using a 200mm lens.

One day, just before sunset I parked infront of the pkns building, fix the 200mm Seimar Auto F3.5 in m42 mount and walked to the lake. Noticed the storks up on the rhu trees and shoot the against the sunset.

penunggu tasik shah alam

only managed silhuette shots for not using flash.

the lamps around the lake already on, shining on the face of some stork

oi oi skodeng!

the correct direction to shoot them in the afternoon is from the west, where the golden sunlight shine from your behind.

lucky i got this panning shot

Painted Stork Flying

funny that i didnt use shutter priority, since I usually use manual lenses, I've set the halfpress shutter to exposure lock. So get low shutter speed of 1/40 sec in aperture priority.

the storks are breeding now, later post the chick development.

23 July 2009

The myna secret!

White-vented Myna or Tiong Jambul in Malay can easily be identified by its crest being higher than other mynas, lets ask this myna, what is the secret behind it beautiful crest?

White-vented Myna
Tiong Jambul
White-vented Myna
Acridotheres grandis

"I wont tell my secrets!"

but after several days of following it

the secret is revealed!

White-vented Myna
Code 10 styling gel???

21 July 2009

Javan Myna Feeding Time!

"Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh!"
"Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh!"

if you follow the sound, will find baby bird asking for food...

So that day, I found a juvenile Javan Myna noisily asking for food...

Javan Myna

"Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh!"
"Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh! Chrrrrrhhh!"

the juvenile is a little greyer than the adult and the eyes also more to grey than yellow. The yellowing at the base of its beak still present.

waiting a while, came the adult, The adult have blacker appearance, with grey underparts and its eyes is yellow.

the juvenile open its beak wide!
Javan Myna

and its fed something like regurgitated food

Javan Myna
Javan Myna
Acridotheres javanicus

for a bird so common in Malaysia, it funny that it doesnt have an official malay name. Tiong Jawa is not taken, well how about that?

15 July 2009

Common Myna

The Common Myna which originates from India is less easier to see than the Javan Myna, not that they are not abundant here. From my observation, the Common Myna or Tiong Gembala Kerbau in Malay, often forage in pairs rather than flocking like the Javan Myna.

Common Myna fetching nesting material
This Common Myna is tugging at the dried vegetation,maybe it is collecting nesting material

Sometimes can see the the baldies, maybe old birds, I dont know..

Old Common Myna
Common Myna @ Indian Myna
Tiong Gembala Kerbau
Acridotheres tristis

but its eyes are beautiful, like gems put in a circular manner.

14 July 2009

Ciak Rumah

Dulu, selalu tersilap panggil burung ni burung pipit. Atau, sejak dulu kenal burung kecik je burung pipit. Mungkin masa sekolah belajar perumpamaan "bagai burung pipit dengan enggang",jadi ingat nama pipit.

Bila pertama kali tangkap gambar burung ini, masa mencari nama sebenarnya dan nama saintifik, baru perasan, eh kenapa nama dia bukan burung pipit?

bukan aku saja, malahan ada beberapa orang lain yang aku kenal pun tersilap...

Ciak Rumah  @ Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Ini ialah burung ciak, yang lengkapnya burung Ciak Rumah, Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Saiz sama saja dengan ciak tempua, cuma ciak tempua jantan berjambul kuning dan membuat sarang yang cantik.

10 July 2009


Perasan tak kalau kita duduk relax, kita suka angkat kaki sebelah. Sama juga kalau berdiri, silang kaki, sebelah kaki letak atas kaki satu lagi.. kalau lenguh tukar posisi.

Mungkin burung-burung ini pun macam itu agaknya.

Flamingo on one feet
Greater Flamingo(Phoenicopterus roseus) di Wetland Putrajaya, sedang membersihkan bulunya smbil mengangkat sebelah kaki

Little Heron on one feet
Pucung Keladi(Butorides striatus) ini hampir saya ingatkan cacat atau kudung kakinya, gambarnya saya ambil waktu tengahari. hampir setengah jam kemudian baru ia keluarkan kakinya yang sebelah lagi sambil mengemaskan bulunya.

Javan Myna on one feet
Javan Myna(Acridotheres javanicus, Tiung Jawa?) ini pun saya dapat tangkap semasa sedang rileks di bawah kepanasan matahari. Kelihatan ia sedang mengembangkan bulunya..

Mungkinkah ada sebab lain burung2 ini berbuat demikian?

07 July 2009

Skimming the surface

This is shot in february, the time when the little egret are still around..

a small group fishing at an oxidation pond.

see 3 different S shape of the neck.

see its breeding plumage, the two longish feathers behind its neck and more at the bottom of its neck.

It seems that the egret will scan the water for prey, when it sees one, it will take off from the bank

see, the beak in the water..

the action seems like the egret is walking on water

here is a succesfull strike

there are no more little egrets now at the oxidation pond, have to wait for next season..

02 July 2009

Friday bird

After friday prayer, before coming back into the office, if got some time, I'llstop by an empty lot behind the jati apartment. There are a lot of bird in the overgrown disused lot.

at afternoon time, always can see birds taking their afternoon break perhaps.. always perching..
like this female asian koel.

after a while it fly away then came back panting. maybe the weather was hot..

when it cooled down, can see it scratching and preening.

scrathing its head using its left feet.