31 July 2009

200mm will do

The Painted Stork is such a big bird that i'm able shooting them using a 200mm lens.

One day, just before sunset I parked infront of the pkns building, fix the 200mm Seimar Auto F3.5 in m42 mount and walked to the lake. Noticed the storks up on the rhu trees and shoot the against the sunset.

penunggu tasik shah alam

only managed silhuette shots for not using flash.

the lamps around the lake already on, shining on the face of some stork

oi oi skodeng!

the correct direction to shoot them in the afternoon is from the west, where the golden sunlight shine from your behind.

lucky i got this panning shot

Painted Stork Flying

funny that i didnt use shutter priority, since I usually use manual lenses, I've set the halfpress shutter to exposure lock. So get low shutter speed of 1/40 sec in aperture priority.

the storks are breeding now, later post the chick development.


  1. Sometimes it's not the most expensive camera setup that will bring you the best pictures.
    It's knowing the possibilities/ limits by continously experimenting with the equipment.
    Having good 'eyes' for a shot is a great asset, I think you have them. Great shots here.

  2. Thanks for the kind compliments :D


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