09 January 2009

A yellow belly birdy

Being an active bird like the tailorbird, not always have a good result of having pic this species taken. But can always knew they were around with its meawing sound. almost like a lost kitten. Always can found near the marshes,swamps or fresh water ponds.

Actually the first time caught is an adult but the noise too bad(using prosumer camera). With my dslr caught the juvenile, almost id as a different bird. fortunately PMers (Photomalaysia.com) has been a great help

Perenjak Kuning @ Yellow-bellied Prinia (Juvenile)
A Juvenile at Putrajaya Wetlands

another juvenile at a oxidation pond in subang jaya

after a few months still havent get any pic this species until dec 2008 caught adult at the bund of klang river

Perenjak Kuning @ Yellow-bellied Prinia
The yellow coloured head of the juvenile will turn grey.

Perenjak Kuning
Yellow-bellied Prinia
Prinia flaviventris


Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!