03 August 2009

Stork Island

I accidentally found out the nest of the Painted Stork when we are having dinner at the restaurant on 12/7/09.

Me: Eh! burung upeh tu ada baby lah! Kalau ada kamera mesti dah ambik gambar nih..
Hey! the storks have babies! If I have the camera sure have taken pictures..

She: Salah saya lah ni, suruh bawak beg saya tadi. dah tak bawak beg kamera ..
Its my fault, I asked you to carry my bag, so you left your camera bag..

Me: Takper, next week saya bawak tripod, kamera shoot dari sini (the restaurant)
Nevermind, next week I bring the tripod, camera and shoot from here.(the restaurant)

Well, thats what I did on 18/7/09

The chicks maybe 2-3 weeks old, I think..

This is shot with my manual focus Tair Phs 300mm F4.5 coupled with Kenko 1.4x TC

just to show the difference using Tamron SP AF 2x TC

not much different, but using the 2x tc sure relieves my eyes for focussing job, but loose extra 1 stop of light.

from my point of view, I saw 5 nest with 1-2 chicks inside.


for the location of the island click here


  1. where is that ? if you don;t mind? nice picture of the young.

  2. Thanks, it is in shah alam.. click the link :D

  3. cool! good sighting! The chicks from Putrajaya heronry have flew out from their nest. Only 1 is still around. However, there is another nest hidden on the other side of the island. So that makes 4 nest with 8 chicks. Another nest is on the way....

    Weng Chun (www.nature2pixel.com)


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