20 November 2009

Birding at Pandan Waterfalls

I got an invitation from a friend to visit Sg Pandan Waterfalls at Kuantan for the weekend, so I got on the bus, check in a hotel and went to the waterfall in Sunday morning. Never went birding in the east coast before, so I was quite exited. So here are the record shots I managed to shoot!

A Common Yellow Vented Bulbul catching insect?


A pair of Eastern Crowned Warbler, my 1st lifer

Eastern Crowned Warbler
Cekup Daun Tongkeng Kuning
Phylloscopus coronatus

or maybe a different species, maybe..

This site is a good reference for this species

next is the

Grey-headed Flycatcher
Sambar Kepala Kelabu
Culicicapa ceylonensis

another lifer..

then on top of the waterfall, found the White-rumped Munia(Pipit Tuli). How I wish it is the White-bellied munia.


then we came down from the top of the waterfall and took a dip in the cool water..

but then, notice a bird carrying nesting material to its unfinished nest at a branch on top of the stream.

It is the Munia's nest, waste no time to grab my camera.

I went nearer,and wait...

but the pair just sit in the nest and sometimes pecking at the wall, maybe weaving it it tighter.(it in the early afternoon already)

spend more time doing macro and waterfall shot, then we head to cherating.

Where we saw some birds at the sand...

took a while to id this ...

Greater-Sand Plover(Rapang Besar)


  1. Cantik GH flycatcher. Masih menunggu waktu untuk diketemukan dengan species ini.

  2. Hi there,

    These are sand plovers - probably Greater.




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