19 February 2010

Rafting birds

Normally after work, I went for an late afternoon birding by the klang river bank. I pick a spot and waiting for the birds come to me.

The river isnt very clean actually..there are human floating trash carried by the water and some birds learn to use them.

Like this Chinese Pond Heron(Pucung Cina)

using a big plastic bag full of garbage. very untoughtfull of whoever throwing that in the river.

a Little Egret(Bangau Kecil also has been using this method, they fly up to the river and raft down fishing for fish..

Shooting is pretty easy too! just wait wait for them to float near and then click!

See the size of the Little Heron (Pucung Keladi)compared to the milk carton.

I think I will continue to watch this floating thrash in the river until people change their attitude which is never I think..


  1. Most interesting trashy behaviour...

  2. hey, they make do of the their sorrounding to their benefits...

  3. Dear zzlaloq,

    I came across your blog through a Google image search.

    I was looking for photos to put on my Japanese language blog. Would you permit me to use one of your photos of Sungai Klang? It will be credited to you like in the following post:


    In the blog post above, your name is hyperlinked to the same photo on your blog.

    Please let me know if you are comfortable with that. Thank you very much!


    1. sure, pleas email(laloq3@yahoo.com) me if you need a bigger image.

      sorry for the late reply, havent had the time to update my blog.


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