24 July 2010

Natural Talent.

Just imagine, never used a dslr before, have no experience in birding..

when the camera was given to her, Showed how to operate the manual focus knob on the Tair 300mm manual focus lens.. And her result is one of this.. One of it is my shot.. Same bird same branch..can guess which is hers?

That is what I say is a natural talent.. for myself, i took few years to improve my bird pictures .

What if her skills is honed, given the proper equipment, perhaps she could be a good photographer. No doubt..

Now is my so and so shot of the rufous-browed flycatcher sponsored by HSBC ;)

btw: her shot is the second pic.

here is another shot.. what do you think?

Rufous-browed Flycatcher
Sambar Leher Putih


  1. this was taken when I met you and her at Fraser's Hill ?

    couldn't have agree with you more that she is talented...

    happy birding.

  2. ji, wonder who is the 'she'??.hehe..


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