21 October 2008

Life isnt fair

Some of us feel that life is'nt fair. On the chronic side they feel the world is against them, maybe its their career, family, friends etc.

The good news is..Well! life are not fair but balanced.

In the avian world, there is a phenomenon called brood parasite. 40% of the cuckoo family practices brood parasitism but of all the bird species only 1% does it. So in other word its balanced... isnt it?

Now the unfairness side..

Just look at the pic above, the plaintive cuckoo has picked the ashy tailorbird as its host. Meaning, the cuckoo has becomes the tailorbird foster child. Just imagine taking care of a child as big as an ox. Get the picture!.. isnt fair is it..

just for facts

Ashy Tailorbird
Perenjak Kelabu
Orthotomus sepium

Plaintive Cuckoo
Sewah Mati Anak
Cacomantis merulinus

so live life as is,
if u think life is hard, others live harder
if u think life is good, others live better..
just live the best as we can achive..

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