24 December 2008

Hunting the black baza.

I spotted the black baza when I was birding at my usual birding ground. It was afternoon(my lunch break) at the last week of November 2008. It was black like a crow, but the flight and the way it swoop down to catch prey wasnt crow like. Looks like a raptor to me.. So I went to this patch more frequently than others.

My first shot was this

not so clear but enough to confirm its a black baza. There a a pair of them, not like a flock that was described. maybe some circumstances makes it made the stopover at my patch..

so the subsequent week i try to track them until on December 5 finally got a better picture.

Helang Baza @ Black Baza
Helang Baza
Black Baza
Aviceda leuphotes

it makes worth of my time.. to see this bird in my patch where the usual bird are yellow-vented bulbuls, crows and mynas. area is overgrown abandoned buiding project in middle of residential and industrial area, subang jaya. few minutes from where i work.


  1. thanks for dropping by and where was this taken?
    I have never come across a Baza before, would you let me in ...?

  2. I like photo 2 most. Thanks for sharing


Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!