09 December 2008

MNS Open Day 2008

I heard MNS was having an open day at FRIM, Kepong on 22nd November 2008, and there is a birdwatching slot. Well, guess it is a good time to learn more about birding and meeting fellow birder.

Arrived just about 9, park and get my equipment.. register my name at the birdwatching group.

No! I not yet a MNS member. I will register later, unfortunately rm70 is out of my budget for November. Poor man!

After meeting Yati and some members of the group(I'm soo bad with names!) we went into a trail which seems to be frequently used by cyclist on mountain bikes.

Not long into the trail, Somebody spotted/heard a banded kingfisher. He imitated the bird's call! and the kingfisher answered back. Wow! that was amazing.. got a small photo of the banded kingfisher pair. Trying the digiscoping setup..wow! that was big comparing to my 300mm x1.4 lens.

After half an hour or soo, walking some of the participants want to turn back. me and a couple of birder walking further infront kept walking.

then spotted this bird (a group 3-4 actually).

Beberek Leher Biru @ Blue-throated Bee-eater

after spending sometime at the spot, the birder couple turn back and asked "did you see the beeeater and the raffles malkoha?" "Beeeater yes, Raffles no". They went back but yet I stayed. I always birding alone so that day havent yet satisfied!

Still at the spot, then came a bird wave..a frenzy time to shot pictures..
so the group are..

first the lifers :) (if ID are wrong, please correct me)

Burung Matahari @ Scarlet Minivet

Spotted also the yellowish immature scarlet minivet.

Murai Ekor Gading Jepun @ Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher

Sewah Dada Oren @ Rusty-breasted Cuckoo

and improved shot of the

Cenuk Birah @ Chestnut-breasted Malkoha

I also a black drongo, but picture too lousy..

After spending sometime.. went to the waterfalls at FRIM. on the way out, notice a big bird on the road side. seem like a raptor catch something. Stop in the middle of the road, get my camera and shoot. A Crested Serpent Eagle with a lizard prey.. Handheld shot in a idling car makes a very blurry pictures..so not shown here.. but it was a nice experience.

What a nice day, sure I will join them (MNS) again.. 14th December, Lake Garden?

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