24 February 2009

Its the second season now..

The first time I saw this bird, was in Mac 2008. That is when I walk in the park actually searching for birds, I was carrying my point and shoot camera at that time. A Kodak 12x zoom camera, which equals 420mm in 35mm terms.

This is the pic i shot, cropped of coz

shot against the blue sky without flash. Click for larger pic

other birds that I shot that day were, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Asian Glossy Starling, Black-naped Orioles, Oriental Magpie Robins and the Common Myna. I guess I can call them lifers because at that time I didnt know what is their names and how to identify them.

by April, I cannot see them anymore..

in May, getting my DSLR a canon 350D with lens an old nikon 300mm F4.5 prime(why? becoz its dirt cheap, bought for RM600)

Now that I got the equipment,now where is this Blue Tailed Beeeater.

not until October, when I started to see them..first are the sub adult (havent had the distictive long tail, and less vibrant colors. They tend to look like the Blue-throated Beeeaters.

later in Dec 08, started to see the fully adults, with the yellow, orange, green to blue colours.

Spend some time and I notice they always perch on the same branch after chasing bugs..

Here is a pair, with one stretching its wings

Beberek Ekor Biru(Malay)
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
Merops philippinus

Never get bored shooting them when have the chance.. So beautiful, so available

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