11 February 2009

Birding in Tg Pengelih

tg pengelih

A view from Tg pengelih, the southern most point of east peninsular malaysia. (Pontian is on the west side, southern most point of asia continent)

Take time off during CNY holidays to travel there. Still have time for some birding. Guess what kind of bird I found.

Takur Kukup @ Lineated Barbet

Should be a Lineated Barbet or Takur Kukup in Malay, A lifer for me.. to bad its too far..on the mangroves. A lifer would aways be too far, so still take a record shot to confirm its ID

and quite nice shot of this, but seems dull a bit off since PP on my laptop.

Pekaka Bakau @ Collared Kingfisher

Collared Kingfisher
Pekaka Bakau (Malay)
Halcyon chloris

Anywhere travel always search for birdies.. hhehe.. dont left your camera at home.


  1. zzlaloq,
    blog yg sangat menarik.
    'Takur Kukup' - kami mengenalinya sbg Burung Kkutuk. Sewaktu kecil, ia adalah burung yang 'kebal' - tak lut dek penangan batu lastik..


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