08 May 2009

Catching the wave

The National Botanic Garden at Shah Alam or I fondly called Bukit Cerakah is one of my frequently visited places for birding. Altough there are free bus services inside, I normally just take a walk alone in various trek from the entrance.

In this particular day, I just walk through the paddy fields.

Here can see few species of munia such as white-headed, scaly-breasted and white-rumped. Also the normal javan myna. The waterhen are here but quite shy. Since this day is almost noon, no luck..

then moving on to the cocoa/oil-palm area, trying to spot the red eyed bulbul. no luck here either.

so went on to the danau perikanan, walk up to the water tunnel.. there are fences bordering the park, I notice some indon family fishing.. I wonder did they pay to get in or any other means..broke the fence??

anyway... shoot this in the water tunnel. Hirundo tahitica... nice scientific name.. stuck in my head.. remind me of hula hula hawaian.. :)

Twin shadow
Pacific Swallow
Layang-layang Pasifik
Hirundo tahitica

coming out of the tunnel, I notice the fishing indon family wasnt there anymore.. split already.. notice broken fences in the tunnel, there must be somemore broken fences.. went to the other sides of the lake..

Suddenly there are some commotion in the canopy.. Aha! a bird wave...led by

Rembah Kayu Besar @ Large Wood-shrike
Rembah Kayu Besar
Large Wood-shrike
Tephrodornis gularis

there are some other bird I cant identify, notice some species of woodpecker though.. being in the high canopy, just took some record shots.. the wood shrike a quite tough to id.. being bird pic to small..

then the birds went to the taman haiwan area with me following. No I'm not running, just walk.. at top of the hill, the leaf bird are low enough to shoot.

Daun Sayap Biru @ Blue-winged Leafbird

Daun Sayap Biru
Blue-winged Leafbird
Chloropsis cochinchinensis

Daun Sayap Biru @ Blue-winged Leafbird

my futile attempt shooting bird in flight.. the female leafbird to blur to shown here..

after that I just walk back to the entrance.. Birding, just another reason to walk..

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