22 May 2009

Want to see ghost?

There are a malay saying if you want to see ghost, or you want to confirm a person is really a human or a ghost, you have to bend down and see thru your legs.

here are a tip which I have translated to english.

Find a house which at the back of the house have running water (for example running water from a water faucet). Right at 12 midnight, go to the back at the house, take off all you clothes. Stark naked, stand with the running water between your legs, bow and see backward and upside down thru your legs.

If God permits, you will see all kinds of ghost, demons and genie, albeit upside-down.

Disclaimer: This is only an info, any circumstances that happen after using this info is fully the user responsibility.

No, I dared not do it, but this Yellow-vented bulbul does.. :D

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Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!