13 May 2009

The baya weaver at my patch

After reading Tabibs blog on the baya weaver, I decided to have a check at last year's baya weaver nesting site. Sure enough, they are building their nest at the same tree.. also have a look at another site at Bukit SUK, also at the same tree

anyway, here is a picture of a male baya weaver..

hanging out at the still unfinished nest.

managed to catch the male during take off..

this is on 30th April 2009, will continue visiting them..


  1. Look like that nest is already approved by female partner, because the 'funnel' is under construction there.

  2. the expert in Baya Weaver knows very well, I'll take his word

  3. the birds usually build their nest on the thinnest branches overhanging a pond or a river. which makes the best safe from predators. but the monkey that has hands like man never builds a house of its iwn why?

  4. the weaver bird makes its nest on the weakest branch of a tree overhanging a river / pond. it makes its entry from the bottom, keeps a jugnu for light and keeps the nest cozy by lining the roof and the bottom with mud. but look at the monkey who has hands but does not make a home.


Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!