10 August 2009

Baya weaver: Feeding time

With the chick in the nest, for sure cannot see! but can see what its parents feed it.

seems like a baby praying mantis.

another grub, look like a caterpillar.

with food in its beak, the parent will perch on a near branch..

then a quick stop at the nest, the chick will make noise..

then drop and up into the opening at the bottom..

after feeding, the parents will fly back out..

below,it seems the parent having trouble with its overzealous chick

tugging until chick almost gotten out.


  1. Wow...Nice Photo..
    Burung Manyar nya cantik..Sarangnya lebih cantik..

  2. The last pic look like the parent, 'asking' the chick to go out. "Let go out here, you're big boy already!"
    I haven't see the weaver nest for quite some time, maybe this weekend I'll have a look how the chicks progress.
    Hope the nests are still there, not at somebody shop for decorative items.


Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!