12 August 2009

Reed warblers from last season

I first saw the Oriental Reed Warbler in Dec 2008. They stay at the same area as the local Yellow Bellied Prinia. Hard to spot them as they are always in the reeds as the name suggest. Is is in april that i notice they always return to one area in the late afternoon around 6.30pm. So I stake out that area for the warbler

and got this

Oriental Reed Warbler


Oriental Reed Warbler

Cekup Paya Besar
Oriental Reed-Warbler
Acrocephalus orientalis

This is as clear a photo of this bird, hope to get better next migrant season.

another one is this species, which i spotted only once

Cekup Paya Kecil @ Black-browed Reed-Warbler

Cekup Paya Kecil
Black-browed Reed-Warbler
Acrocephalus bistrigiceps

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