06 October 2009

rewind back a year.

I was checking back my rantings blog (of the same name but different site), still have some bird pics there.. so I move it here..

These are taken at taman tasik shah alam using my kodak z712 in february 2008

I cant see this black swan anymore? Did it died of loneliness like i write in this article "Lonely so lonely"

This male white peafowl seems to breed well in the island.

maybe the father of this white chick of this female blue peafowl as seen in this photo taken in June 2008

at this period, i know less about bird than now, and I am still learning.

back then, I called all this bird with long legs a bangau, malay name for egret. Unfortunately none of them are!

Its a juvenile Painted Stork, already fledge. Now I am thinking.. this year nesting starts in July, then last year nesting is so much earlier. Read about it here

even this grey heron is a bangau back then.

the nesting site seem to have shifted to the tall rhu trees on the east side of the lake

Still visiting this lake from time to time, but walking around with a long lens in the park is something to get used to as people will stare and gawk at you. When the lens is pointed their way, they cover their faces. So funny..

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  1. Same with me here. Then I first started in july 2007, I name birds according to with colour - yellow bird, grey birds etc.


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