16 January 2010

More lifers at Bukit Cerakah

On 27 Sept 2009, I went again to Buit Cerakah(Taman Botani Negara) for birding, since its the nearest place to my home.

Today I decide to take the trail at the arboretum. The birds are quiet and it starts to rain.. I quickly move to the hut in the middle of the trail.. just as i reached the hut, it starts to rain heavily.. very furnate indeed because i forget to bring my raincoat.

After the rain stop, I went to the trail around a hill, which loopes back to the hut, again... no birds seen.. sigh...
so i took a trail leading to the taman buah-buahan (fruit garden) junction heard a bird call..

seems so far away but actually much closer.. but the bird is quite small..

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher
Sambar Belakang Kuning

haha, i id it as a warbler, a red alert bird too..furtunately i post it at photomalaysia and got the corrected id

ok... at least got one bird, reach the juction and took different trail back which i saw this spiderhunter..

Little Spiderhunter
Kelicap Jantung Kecil

This is full frame, but too blur.. pity pity!

At one muddy patch on the trail, I saw what I think is a cat track printed on the mud.

I check this
site and I think it is a cat track. It is quite a big track about 10cm across.

upon reaching the park entrance, near the seismic data collection, saw the Black Magpies(Gagak Kambing)... one decides to put a hat..

how cute...

as I was chasing the magpies, the place seems to fill with bird calls, apparently a bird wave is following the magpies...

among them

Asian-paradise Flycatcher
Murai Ekor Gading

Artic Warbler
Cekup Daun Artik

Large Woodshrike
Rembah Kayu Besar

Black Drongo
Cecawi Hitam

The black drongo was calling loudly, I recorded it using my mobile phone VGA camera. Dont know how it turned out..

maybe a video capable dslr camera would come in handy..



Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!