08 March 2010

Dragons galore

Some of the beautiful tropical Dragonflies found during my hunt for birds...

These species I found near pool or lakes

Urothemis signata (male)
Common red color ones

Trithemis aurora (male)
red color with a violet thorax

At Paya Indah,Dengkil got this interesting dragonfly,
Rhyothemis phyllis (female)
read from somewhere, it is called a saddleback because of the colour on the broad hind wings.

Even in the jungle trails can see them

This beautiful metalic blue dragonfly perching on a spiny nipah leaves
Cratilla metallica (female)

also this orange and green coloured dragonfly
Lathrecista asiatica (female)

This dragonfly is almost invisible as it sit still on a tree trunk
Tyriobapta torrida (male)

This is how one dragonfly lays its egg (Ovipositing) in a pool of water..
. Orthetrum sp (female)
I just learn about this behavior from Tabib in Kemensah..

I tried to identify it from references in the internet, but I found it to be much harder than identifying birds.. ;) better leave it to the expert..

This blog seems to be a good reference for malaysian dragonflies
Odonata of Peninsular Malaysia

Update:Ian from odonata-malaysia have kindly identified the dragonflies here. Species names in italics


  1. Nice series!
    Love that Metallic Blue. Yes, we saw that ovipositing at that 'pond' in Kemensah, but all my pics were blur. Very difficult to photograph that in flight dragon.

  2. Pict 1: Urothemis signata (male)
    Pict 2: Trithemis aurora (male)
    Pict 3: Rhyothemis phyllis (female)
    Pict 4: Cratilla metallica (female)
    Pict 5: Lathrecista asiatica (female)
    Pict 6: Tyriobapta torrida (male)
    Pict 7: Orthetrum sp (female)



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