10 March 2010

Drifting like a log.

I think I have improved my techique in shooting from a canoe..It is like drifting log..

about 10 meters from the bird, I angled my canoe to go pass in front of the bird going nearer and nearer..then give a gentle push with my paddle.

Perhaps this photo sequence would show it better

you can see the bird getting bigger and bigger..

this is the last frame of the sequence

fortunately I didnt flush out the bird..

I also get this reflection of the bird in the water

I notice a pelican(undan) are perching on the tree branches at the side of the lakes.. which is a good thing since a few years back, theres is no Burung Undan(Pelican) at The Pulau Undan(Pelican Island) which is the name given to one of the island.

A little more forward, I would be the target of the Pelican Poo.. Directly under it.

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  1. "Jurugambar Pakar Sampan". ;)
    Love that Pelican shot.


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