24 March 2009

Eviction Notice!

My friend has been complaining that some bird have been making nest in the ceiling. When hot, the smell of faeces will permeated down inside the house, and ask me if I can take a look and if posibble clear the birds.

Well, for me, what a nice chance to view the bird and nest up close.. So on sunday went to the house. an apartment top most floor(9th Floor).

See who greets me in the ceiling!

Merpati (Malay name)
Rock Pigeon
Columba livia

here are some of its egg

On another nest is a juvenile rock pigeon which isnt old enough to fledge (fly leaving the nest).

looks kind of funny, like a chick head stuck to an adult body.

on yet another nest got two nestling

fact: rock pigeon will reuse existing nest year after year..

close up of junior

I move the birds outside of the ceiling. I thought against moving them far from the original location so that the parents would found their respective nestling.

the moment they are put close together, they start wrestling.. hehe! sibling rivalry of the avian kind.

safely behind the anti vermin netting I set up..

Well, I hope I've done the job well, so that the juniors will live and fledge.. and not nesting again at the site. If not I've failed 3 nest with 4 juveniles and 2 egg.. well! what to do! Hmm the bird felt really warm, like touching a human down with fever. I also found a carcass of an adult, I hope I didnt get a bird flu..


  1. are you trained to handle chicks?

  2. nope, I guess why not I do it since its a common species.


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