02 March 2009

Peaceful! aren't they..

One sunday went to my birding spot at Taman Hutan Bukit SUK at Shah Alam. Just entering the parking lot, saw some zebra doves feeding on the palm oil seeds (buah sawit) on the ground.

Without exiting the car, I began to take pictures..

Zebra Dove
Merbuk (Malay name)
Geopelia striata(Scientific name)

This is after eating, this one decide to take a break under the tree.

Feeling sleepy.. this is about 11.00am (I'm not a morning birder..hehe!)

take a nap

It seems so peacefull, no wonder it is also called the peaceful dove

Among the bunch(there are 5-6 of them), I spotted an injured bird with a hole in chest but it seems are not much bothered by its injury.. seems as active as the others.

here are its pic..

a little blur on the head, I was focussing on the chest cavity.

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