20 March 2009

The name fits its character

The Pied Fantail malay name (Murai Gila) fits its character perfectly, a very skittish bird, jumping around the branches with its tail fanning out..

Murai Gila(Malay)
Pied Fantail
Rhipidura Javanica

Murai in malay basically describe a blackish bird with a beautiful voice and Gila means mad.

showing its fantail, albeit a little blurred.

two chicks in a nest

normally I found it stays under shady trees, overgrown bushes near water.


  1. Great photo of mother and chicks.
    The 2nd pic really shows the 'fan' at the tail.

  2. thanks tabib, too bad a bit blurred

  3. good find. are you gonna visit again to see how well they will developed?


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