28 April 2009

Birds of the paddyfield

In the way back to my hometown (Teluk Intan), will went through Sg Besar, Tg Karang which have paddyfields. I knew there are a lot of birds there. Instead of taking the main road, I went through the rural road that went through the paddyfield.

The egrets are here. cattle,little,intermediate egrets. The problem is to get close enough..I wish i'm using electric car here..hehe. All pics are taken from car..

Egrets at the paddyfield
An Intermediate egret with a cattle egret in the background.

Also the chinese pond heron, seen here with a cattle egret.

bird at the paddyfield
Cattle egret @ Bangau Kerbau(left) Chinese pond heron Pucung Cina( (right)

There a a lot of White-throated kingfishers on the telephone wires. Never imagine, stopping suddenly for crows, well this are not so common in the city. A lifer for me

Gagak Paruh Besar @ Large-billed Crow
Gagak Paruh Besar
Large-billed Crow
Corvus macrorhynchos

also another lifer, aftermuch cropping..nice pose but blurrrr :(

Lelayang Dada Putih @ White-breasted Wood-swallow
Lelayang Dada Putih
White-breasted Woodswallow
Artamus leucorhynchus

A journey is a journey by itself, if a 2 hours trip turned to a six hour trip, and I enjoy it..why not?


  1. Six enjoyable hours!. ;)
    But if you are with family and kids..

  2. "Bila nak sampai ni?" will be the question. I picked up this hobby after I am divorced without kids ;)


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