20 April 2009

My office mate

Once, there is a sunbird building its nest in the office lot in front of my office. Stangely it picked the unused electrical wire as the basis to make its nest.

with an Olive-backed Sunbird nest so close by, pay a visit from time to time to have a shot. Here a point and shoot becomes quite usefull.

The female sunbird have quite a fondness of the side mirrors of cars park in front of its nest. I dont know why..

Sometime it will check her beauty in the mirror.

now the nest is gone, luckily the offspring manages to grow up and fledge before the owner of the shoplot dicides to tidy up the place.

hmm.. all my pic is the female. where is the father?


  1. she found a fan, and is checking on her demeanour just before you came :0) nice find

  2. Beautiful nesting pic.
    This is a well documented birds behavior with car's mirror.
    I have to chased away Yellow-vented Bulbul every morning that like to land on my car's roof and pecking at its reflection.


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