08 June 2009

an afternoon at kuala selangor nature park

Kuala Selangor is actually halfway to my hometown, so if posibble, I'll try to drop by for birding. So on May 10 on the way back, stop by at noon. I decide to take the pangolin trail and plan to double back when reached the bridge.

just after entering the trail, heard this bird call,quite similar to the common Yellow-vented Bulbul.

Merbah Belukar
Olive-winged Bulbul
Pycnonotus plumosus

more, the vent(the part below the tail) is a dull yellow colour, a quick look almost dismiss it as the common bulbul.

I like to identify it with the streaks at its cheek. The Olive green patch at the wings is not easily seen like in this pic taken at Bkt Cherakah

on the way back, the light is better with the sun behind my back. as i always shoot without flash.

I found this Strip-tit Babbler, very skittish bird.. including this I encounter it 3 times without a good photo. Oh well, try again.

Rimba Berjalur
Striped-Tit Babbler
Macronous gularis

another skittish bird I got is the Ashy Tailorbird, not a good photo..but it show its activeness..

a bit dark... only natural light.

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  1. not a bad trip, like you said it... try again.


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