10 June 2009

Guard duty!

I still visit the baya weaver nest from time to time. It seem that it is easier to take the photo of the male bird. There seems one male always around at the colony which comprised of about 8-10 nest in various stages.

The trick is to spot it..
or it spotting me

maybe in the colony, it is a defense agains predator.

like this Black-naped Oriole, stalking the nest..

if the guard is around. It will strike and chase away the oriole. I seen it once(no pic, sorry)

here in this blurry pic(almost dark and quite far away), in absense of the guardian, an oriole managed to land on a nest..

and have a peek..

fortunately it is an unfinished nest, otherwise would have taken a chick or egg.


  1. That unfinished/unapproved nest is already useless, so unguarded.
    Ini oriole manyak jahat! ;)

  2. poor manner of the black naped oriole and a good find too.


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