24 September 2009

Mob Bird Story - part I

I called the House Crow a mob bird because its aggresive behaviour. More on this later.

In my birdwatching activities, frequently this bird came in the picture.. so i decide to post some pics of this so called pest bird here.

Contrary to its attitude toward other birds it is surprisingly caring to its partner..

just look at this couple, caressing each other.. quite gentle I might say. It makes me think of the young couples sitting at the bench at the park. Quite romantic!

Well, the gentleness is to make baby birds of course.. so here how the nest looks like.

Somehow the Little Heron or some other species also make nest that looks like this.. So dont go round and destroy any nest!


if you are near a nesting or a roosting site of this mob bird, they will take to the air and fly around above your head. A quite menacing act! this I will tell on the next part.

1 comment:

  1. Good romance story!
    Gagak is not common here in Raub.
    I would like to hear how this menace attack your scalp, in next episode. ;)


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