20 September 2009

Scaly-breasted Munia Nesting

Today is Aidilfitri night and I am at my parents house.

Have I told you there is a flock of Scaly-breasted Munias nesting at the itcy palm trees also known as Pinang Gatal in Malay (Actinophoeus marcarthurii) in my parents lawn. First I discover it at May 2009, I saw some munias busy collecting nesting material. By coincidence, The Malay name for it is Pipit Pinang, Pinang is the similar looking betel nut palm tree



most of my pics are taken without flash, so you can see the actual colour seen with the naked eyes.

The nest are composed of dried lalangs( I suspect) losely woven around the palm fronds. as the nest has been the for some time, my father told me that some old nest have fallen down with the leaves when it dried up. Typically on this site, the nest is about 15feet up.

anyway here a pic of a nest

now, I can hear some nestling chirping when a parent bird comes back. Its the same chirping like the Baya weaver. It is Sept now, and I wonder; are the munias breed all year round?

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  1. please follow thru...seeing the chicks growing up and fledge (eventually) can be fun


Sweets or Stones, it must worth something..jot it down!