25 September 2009

Mob Bird Story - part II

Today I want to tell you about this mob bird mobbing activities. They will active engage any would be intruders that came near. From my observation this is done only at their nesting/roosting site. Even if you saw them foraging by the road side, it wont mob you.

What they do is, they fly near, above your head like inspecting you. You can hear the whooping sound of the wings flapping.."Whoop! Whoop! Whoop"

If any large bird came near their nest, it will send few birds to mob it..

"Ark! Ark! Ark! the alarm sounded when a purple heron fly near.

Interceptor fly off to escort intruder(purple heron) out of hot area!

House Crow: This is restricted area, please leave immediately!
Purple Heron: Will do! just pass by to fishing ground. I don't eat Crow Chicks!

Precautionary measure, the mob bird escort the heron around

to west

to east, note the golden sunshine shining from west

any big or small bird, will be chased off! even the raptor Brahminy Kite

maybe the raptor do eat chicks, the restricted area for raptor is even bigger, so high up

next part: The guarded secret chick! or read previous part.

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  1. Good behaviour documentation.
    They are very aggressive defending nesting territory.


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