28 September 2009

Mob Bird Story Part III

If you follow the the mob bird story part 1 and part 2, you will know that the House Crow actively defended it teritory or its chick. So one day I saw it chick which already fledge(fly) but still requires feeding noisily asking for food.

see the bird with it red mouth wide open.
after close scrunity of this pic, I notice the different shape of the tail! Quite funny! I was expecting the young to have similar shape of the adult.

later, i shot the pic below, The House Crow chick isnt a house crow afterall. It is a Asian Koel chick. The House Crow has been protecting and raising the Asian Koel. This is called Brood Parasitism, I've read about it, so lucky of me to find an example.

I took the liberty to label the birds.. :D

I notice a female koel nearby. Maybe the mum of the young ones, I not so sure. If it is, then the parent surely watch the young from far.

Then, an oppurtunity arise.. the young ones perch nearer. Noisily enough to ignore! Have to shoot towards the sun, for this record shot. The old nikon glass exhibit its purple chromatic aberration, which normally i tried to avoid.

seems like a cross between male and female koel, the eyes seems to be brown, not red like the adult

Quite a unique relationhip, pity the House Crow, conned by the Koel

another example of this brood parasitism here

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